Dr. Lauren

Dr. Lauren Hutson graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a double major in Neuroscience and Biology.

She completed her residency in central Texas at Baylor Scott and White, Texas A& M.  Dr. Lauren Hutson believes healing is mental and physical, leading her to focus on prevention. However, she does manage chronic adult illness and disease processes serving as a Primary Care Provider.

She participated in various committees and research projects. After completion in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, she was called to give back to the community and work as a Hospitalist in an underserved area of New Mexico, where she managed critically ill patients for two years. 


Office Manager

C. Randolph Cockerham is an Austinite with a passion for putting our patients first. She firmly believes that honoring patient satisfaction is a key factor in maintaining overall health.

She graduated from UTSA with a degree in Business Administration, and her organizational skills are outstanding. Patients will undoubtedly benefit from her expertise, especially when it comes to customer service. Prior to transitioning into healthcare, she served in a managerial role for over 5 years. Her primary work goal is to achieve 100% patient satisfaction, and she is committed to ensuring that billing, scheduling, and communication processes are of the highest quality.

Outside of work, C. enjoys spending quality time with her children and possesses a deep appreciation for Texas hill country wines, making her quite the connoisseur.

With her dedication to patient well-being and her valuable experience in both business and management, C. Randolph Cockerham is a valuable asset to our healthcare team.