Premium concierge healthcare when and where you need it.

We put you and your needs first, always.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Healthcare direct to the patient with access to the physician 24/7

through OhMD app or the patient portal.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide superb care that people truly deserve.
Our goal is about optimizing  quality of life and overall well-being. 
Our concierge care gives the highest level of attention with guaranteed results.
Concierge care is specifically tailored to individual needs through research and integration of different treatment modalities with the hope of contributing to the best possible outcome.

We offer 24/7 access to Dr.Hutson with our membership, no more waiting around for your Doctor!
Dr. Lauren Hutson believes in the augmentation of how care is delivered to the patient; the ability to link the patient directly to the Doctor increases the time spent in the Doctor to Patient relationship, which is proven to increase satisfaction and patient care exponentially.
When we can change the focus to delivering highly integrated and holistic care catered to the individual, patients begin to thrive and heal. 

Concierge care that is functionally precise.


Are there any additional fees?

No. There are no hidden fees, co-payments, or deductibles when it comes to the membership. 

Does this membership replace health insurance?

No. The membership program will provide you with primary care and urgent care access. Membership fees do not cover hospitalizations, ER visits, labs, imaging, or medications. 

How does the membership and cancellation work?

Membership is $175 per month for a twelve-month membership.  You may cancel within the first month and you will only be billed for that one month. This gives you the opportunity to have your first appointment with Dr. Hutson, get comfortable, and ensure that she’s a good fit for you. After the first 30 days you will be locked in for the remaining 11 months of your membership. (Please let me know if this is confusing. I am happy to clarify.)

What if I become sick away from home?

As a member of the practice, we will be able to send prescriptions as necessary, as well as coordinate care and securely share records as appropriate with local physicians regardless of where you are at the time.

What happens in an emergency?

In a true emergency, you should call 911. Once you have done that, you may let Dr. Hutson know and she may be able to help expedite the process at the ER.

How fast are phone calls and texts typically answered?

Typically, within a few hours (during business hours). 

Can I use my HSA, FSA, MSA, or HRA to pay for visits?

Yes. You can pay for the membership fees out of “pre-tax” dollars from a Health Savings Account. Many clients also “expense” these fees through their businesses. Please consult a tax advisor for specific details regarding your specific situation. 

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